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HOMI Food is a delivery service of home-cooked meal boxes with beautiful values that we both share: They only use organic and local products... And we like that. A lot.

/ 01 The request

Definition and implementation of a complete digital strategy for a challenger in the delivery of prepared meals.

A few months after the launch of a rock-solid concrete concept, Homi Food realised that it was time to move up a gear for all their digital communication and that this was undoubtedly the best way to acquire new customers...

A more than relevant initiative, as their service is only available online!

It was therefore necessary for them to professionalize both their digital communication or advertising and their sales analysis.

The request: Homi Food

It was a true challenge, and we responded to it with great motivation. We took over all their communication and advertising on social networks, we set up a real customer acquisition strategy via Google Ads and supported them in their content strategy so that the photos/videos used in the communication corresponded to their needs and their target audience.

It is a real project that was put in place. And it is still going on thanks to our strategy of continuous optimisation!

We also continue to analyse the performance of their e-commerce site by making the necessary recommendations in order to maximise the number of weekly orders.

Result Homi Food

/ 03 The results

After only 3 months, sales have multiplied by 4 and continue to grow thanks to constant acquisition and retention!

If we compare the 2 months prior to our intervention with these same months a year later, the number of people reached by our publications has been multiplied by 3. The number of people interacting with Homi Food content through likes, comments or sharing has increased tenfold over the same period.

The conversion rate of the website jumped by 33% while the average shopping basket increased by 17%.

Isn't it appetizing?

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