Our philosophy, our values

A relationship based on trust

We rely on strong and immutable values to always keep your trust unscathed. Digital marketing is a jungle, we know its rules and build a long-term relationship by sharing them with you.

Independence, transparency, listening to your needs

Votre intérêt est notre intérêt

Whether you invest a lot or little in digital advertising, our only interest is that you only mobilise the means to achieve your goals.

By the way, we take no margin on the amount invested in advertising. We prefer to charge for the time spent on your project. We have no interest in increasing your advertising budget, it will not affect our prices.

We work in complete transparency, each account/page belongs to you. With Cookies, you are not a prisoner of your digital agency. 



We are 100% independent. We will never try to sell you a website if you don't need it. You know why? We don’t provide this service.

Specialisation is indeed our strength, we have always chosen to focus on a handful of services to serve you best.

We take the liberty of saying "no". 

For your own good

When this hard-to-hear two-letter word is uttered, it is the result of careful thinking that will benefit you. Indeed, before advising you, we analyse your needs, even if you don't really know them yet.

If we feel that you are going in the wrong direction or that the strategy of the past few years is not the right one, we prefer to tell you beforehand, rather than run into a wall. And if we don't think we are in the best position to advise you, both in terms of expertise and values, we will always be direct enough to tell you.

This is in our interest as an agency ... but above all in yours, too.

Where creativity and efficiency meet

Performing beauty.

The performance of an advertising campaign and the quality of a message are two reconcilable elements. Rather than thinking only about the configuration of an advertisement, we chose to think about communication in its entirety. Who are we trying to reach? How do we reach them? We imagine complete creative concepts on the basis of a finely thought-out digital strategy. The result? Effective advertising and communications that respect strong marketing precepts - ensuring the necessary creativity for any successful advertising campaign.

It is the potential of 3.0 that motivates us.
We dissect each problem and turn it into solutions.
We amplify your message to connect with your audience.
We join forces to achieve your goals. Always.

We're Cookies Agency, your new digital marketing agency.

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