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For more than 30 years, Bioflore has been offering a wide range of organic cosmetics and essential oils with the most local production possible.

/ 01 The request

Analysis of the e-commerce website and communication on social networks as well as SEO optimisation of an essential oils webshop.

The strength of digital is to be able to bounce back actively at the right time in order to permanently remain at the top.

After a little questioning about their positioning on the web, whether for their e-commerce site, their SEO or their social networks, Bioflore needed to know where the company was and where its competitors were.

The request: Bioflore

In order to provide support for Bioflore, we first offered them a complete benchmarking of their main European competitors in terms of their communication on social networks. At the same time, we analysed their customers' purchasing behaviour.

We also performed a full analysis of their positioning on search engines to understand their SEO and improve it.

The result was a complete digital strategy and a complete set of specifications for their web designing team.

But it didn't stop with the creation of the website. We have continued to support Bioflore since then, mostly in terms of natural referencing in order to move them upwards in the Google hierarchy.

Result Bioflore

/ 03 The results

The least we can say is that it works! Thanks to a complete digital support, allowing them to drastically improve their organic traffic but also their transactions. With this excellent SEO strategy, natural traffic has been multiplied by 7!

All this good news isn’t limited to the digital world: thanks to their success, they now have twice as many employees!

Using Bioflore products now feels twice as good...

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