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With 11 restaurants spread across Brussels and Wallonia, there's no need to introduce you to the most iconic burger restaurant joint in Wallonia!

/ 01 The request

Development of Social Media and SEA digital advertising campaigns for the launch of new burger restaurants.

The Huggy's Bar was undisputed king in Liege but needed a boost to expand effectively to the rest the country. How? Through digital advertising.


In order to revitalise their future website, THB also called on us to completely analyse the old one.

The request: The Huggy's Bar

To ensure that every chair in every new restaurant was reserved, The Huggy's Bar turned to Cookies Agency. Indeed, since 2017 we have been in charge of the advertising campaigns for the launch of all the joint's new restaurants, i.e. 7 establishments spread across Wallonia and Brussels.

Because each region of Belgium has its own specificities, each time we develop a new digital strategy on Google Ads and through social networks to ensure a full house at the opening of each new Huggy's Bar restaurant and build awareness so that the coming months will be a success.

At the same time, we have completely analysed their old website in order to draw up specifications and support the web design agency in charge of the new website.

Result The Huggy's Bar

/ 03 The results

Every restaurant opening has been a success! Visit the restaurant of your choice and you will understand the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

Huggy's makes the best burgers and we make sure you know about it.

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