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When Aubel, one of the biggest meat delicatessen producers in Wallonia, and Vitamines Agency its strategy agency, look for the ideal partner to launch their #MomentBBQ, they have knocked on the right door!

/ 01 The request

When the nice days approach, people are prepping their grill skills. It is necessary to remind them that Aube is the ideal partner for any respectable meat cook.

The famous Walloon brand partnered with huø (100% Belgium premium barbecue producer) and launched their first online contest of the year in Belgium.
It was therefore necessary to have an efficient platform as well as converting Google ads to attract a maximum of people on aubelbecue.be.

The request: Aubel

Challenge accepted: we have handled the creation of a dedicated landing page in French and Dutch (copywriting as well as wireframing), coupled with a complete digital strategy on Google Ads to reach all the Barbecue lovers of the land. Search, Display, Youtube campaigns were there to seduce the hungry.

Result Aubel

/ 03 The results

A nice success for the contest which has gathered thousands of partakers and a nice first experience with a sized client!

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