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Médiacité hosts 124 shops, leisure activities and much more in Longdoz, a rock’s throw from the city centre of Liège.

/ 01 The request

Complete management of social networks, SEO and SEA/Google Ads advertising for Liège's favourite shopping mall.

For 10 years, Liège's favourite shopping centre changed agencies, year after year.

The cause? Nice aesthetic content but digital solutions that were not suited for the shopping centre, whether it was visits to the site or interactions between the audience and Médiacité's various social networks. And the correlation between digital efficiency and in-store traffic can be quickly established.

The request: Médiacité

Following a pitch won against some true giants in the field of digital marketing, we carried out a complete audit of Médiacité at the digital level before taking everything in hand: natural referencing, SEA/Google Ads advertising, communication on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).

We also take care of writing content for the site's pages, elaborating radio commercials and defining the content strategy for the various external service providers, whether they are video production companies or in-store activations.

Result Médiacité

/ 03 The results

First good news? We are the first agency to have been renewed for a second year since the creation of Médiacité!

For Médiacité, this means an increase in the number of physical visitors of 4.7% in one year. Not bad for a sector in decline, isn't it?

A market study is also commissioned every year to test the shopping centre's reputation. Whereas in 2018, none of the people questioned remembered a communication on social networks by Médiacité, 75% of those questioned remembered one in 2019. Talk about having a lasting impact! Add to this the increase of almost 27% in the average interaction rate on social network posts, and it makes this case one of our great achievements.

Finally, visits to the website increased by 48% in the first year of support.

So, in a way, Médiacité did well to shop with us.

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0 The n°1 digital shopping centre in Liege

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