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Spratchie’s is the first smash burgers franchise in Liège. When gluttony is locally made and stylish, we love it.

/ 01 The request

Following Lockdown, the restaurant Osteria Bacetto at Verviers had to close its doors for a long period.

Maxence Louis, its creator, did not want to stand idly by: after a nice consideration, it was time to launch a new concept which was both attractive AND possible to take away.

After having elaborated its menu, he has contacted us to launch his brand on Social Media and Google.
His goal? Make the people of Liège drool in anticipation of Spratchie’s arrival in Belgium's hottest city.

The request: Spratchie's

On the menu, a generous Social Media strategy with additional Google Ads!

We have advised on which content to put forward, bit by bit, to make sure the people of Liège are excited about the idea of Spratchie's arrival.

To establish the brand, we have also helped to develop their branding through an authentic, close and funny tone of voice to reach the target effectively.

Result Spratchie's

/ 03 The results

Just 1 month into the campaign, this new restaurant gathers 2.000 loyal fans on Instagram & 2.300 on Facebook!

The young franchise has immediately become a 100% Liège brand dripping of love.
And when a good digital strategy meets a highly qualitative product, the result is instantaneous: Spratchie’s did sold out almost every day of their first month.

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