Web analytics
& recommandations

Is nobody clicking?

Whether you are concerned about traffic or you want to develop a new website, we start each digital project by analysing your digital assets, whether it is your current website or your past advertising campaigns.

Let’s kick off the analysis

Numbers never lie

After an in-depth audit based on the figures and behaviour of your audience, we draw up a complete file containing our conclusions and, above all, our recommendations, as well as the ways in which they can be implemented in order to effectively improve the results and impact of your website.

Indeed, a good interpretation of the figures thanks to Google Analytics and other professional tools is essential to understand the behaviour of your audience. Know your customers and prospects in order to serve them better.


These audits are also useful for your suppliers, whether they are web developers or web designers. Count on us to defend your interests above all in the light of statistics. As a 100% independent web marketing agency, you fully benefit from our neutrality. And yes, since we do not develop websites, we will never advise you to purchase oversized solutions: only what you really need!

Our expertise covers :

  • 01/

    Analysis of your audience and visitors from a demographic, geographical or cultural point of view.

  • 02/

    Analysis of visitor behaviour on your website.

  • 03/

    Detailed analysis of the performance of the pages of your website.

  • 04/

    Analysis of the performance of your advertising campaigns (digital or physical)

  • 05/

    Analysis of conversions on your site.

  • 06/

    Complete benchmarking, to find out what your competitors are doing.

  • 07/

    Drafting of requirements.

  • 08/

    Definition of recommendations for your team or service providers.

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